Online Shopping Vs. Direct Shopping

Online Shopping Vs. Direct Shopping

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There are many people who would like to make their shopping regularly irrespective of their needs. Shopping can be a hobby or a passion for them and they cannot feel bored while shopping. Earlier there was only direct shopping system which means that people have to directly approach the stores and can choose their required products. But with the introduction of e-commerce and internet, the entire system of business has changed. Even the small retailers have been displaying their products online so that if people like their products they can send them through couriers. Also, there can be the facility of easy exchange and returns. Most of the people like this system of shopping as they need not go outside and shop. Online shopping has become the favorite shopping store for many people.

With the introduction of online shopping, many retailers have been suffering from losses as people prefer to shop online rather than direct shopping. But unfortunately, there are many disadvantages of online shopping as many advantages are there. People have to check the product only through the image displayed on the screen. Most of the times the features may differ from the actual product and the image displayed on the screen. In the case of direct shopping, the management can concentrate on displaying methods as it can attract the customer more. By seeing the display product sometimes people like to buy the products. The cable window display systems can be used by most of the business people to display their products so that they can impress their customers.

Also, there can be another disadvantage of online shopping in which people cannot be able to check the quality of the product until it got delivered. And after delivery if people feel that it is not up to the mark they can have the facility of return pickup. There are many online shopping portals available these days in which many popular branded companies have been displaying their products. Different categories of products can be displayed and placed for the sale on these portals like:

• Apparels
• Kitchenware
• Furniture
• Gadgets
• Electronic appliances
• Books
• Accessories
• Gift articles etc.

There are no such stores available in the markets where people can get all these items together at one place. Even though they are available it can be difficult for the people to shop by roaming each and every store. The items can be displayed using the cable display systems so that it can be easy for the customers to choose their required products. Whereas in online shopping portals, people can sit in front of the system and can choose their required products from different categories at a time without putting many efforts. Above all, every aspect can have its own advantages and disadvantages.

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