Different Kinds Of Online Marketing Banners

Different Kinds Of Online Marketing Banners

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Marketing banners can be classified into two main categories. They are either rich media or traditional banners. One should select the type they wish to use as per the purpose of a website and goals of advertising campaigns. Marketing banners are effective tools which usually are part of a website’s larger marketing strategy. These are effective business promotion tools and need to be selected accordingly. The web page of an online business usually gets to decide by the look and feel of marketing banners that are used. At the same time the banners should not be annoying or come in the way of online transactions.

Defining traditional banners

From the times when businesses were only promoted through printing banners, today most businesses have gone online and are looking at online banners. The traditional online banners usually are static images. They usually represent only text and do not have animation, video or audio. These can come in different forms like a half or full banner, button, square or skyscraper. The banners come of standard pixels, allowing designers to place them around a website content as they choose to. Traditional banners usually offer several advantages. Though they are old school, they load easily and do not distract as much as rich media banners.

The use of rich media banners

Today, most websites use banners loaded with rich media that refers to audio, video or animation. These usually add onto user experiences. Hence, these are short ads that explain a product or service; they usually stay on the sides of web pages and provide relevant information without disturbing viewer’s original intention on a webpage. These are akin to printing banners which are put up on standees in malls for shoppers to view them as they pass by. Learn more to gather informations about the printing in Sydney.

Knowing which type to use

Every type of web banner has its pros and cons. Today static banners are often overlooked as most web browsers have gotten accustomed to these ads on the sides of web pages or on the top and bottom. In order to attract attention most ads usually rich media content in any form. While these usually catch more attention, many are distracting, have audio and video that might disrupt one’s work on a webpage.

Referring to expert advice

For businesses that are getting their website designed, most website developers and designers will be able to advice on the kind of ads they can have on their site or on other sites. There are researches data referring to in order to understand the efficacy of ad banners which can help one to decide on the type of banner ads to use accordingly. Nowadays it is easy to approach a website design company online and ask for advice and quote for a website and ad banner designs.

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