Choosing The Best Option For Home Based Printers

Choosing The Best Option For Home Based Printers

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For those who are venturing into the work-from-home world or just need to have a printer at home to get your kids’ homework done, choosing one can be hard. There are numerous options available with increased technological gadgetry added to them. When you go to get the help from a salesperson you might end up even more confused. So before you go to the store itself, here are the basics of a printer to know.

Laser or Inkjet argument

Most people know their printer not by the model number or the brand name, but by the model name. When picking a printer for home use you must know what Inkjet and Laser printers are. An Inkjet printer (color) is the more commonly seen in the market because of its ability to print virtually anything it gets. But the downside of an Inkjet is its inability to print crystal clear text or pictures. And sometimes they tend to heat up a lot and be slow when the load is high.

In contrast, Laser printers are mostly used within the corporate environment. They are far more expensive but the quality of the print job and the speed of printing is top notch. They can print documents and images and others in bulk and do not heat up or break down easily. There are a couple of LaserJet printers that are affordable but the replacement ink tends to be more than just expensive.

Solid ink printers

This version is usually exclusively available with a few distributors, who deal with quality products like Xerox toner cartridges. The technology is unique to the company and the replacement fluid comes in these little blocks which squirts onto the paper through a tiny hole. The quality of the print is average but not to the level of the Inkjet printer. If you want a printer that prints fast but does not get the heating up issues and other breakdowns, then this is the best option.

These printers are more environmentally friendly because their Xerox toner cartridges do not have plastic packaging and costs less (no shipping and storage issue).

There is also the option of multifunctional printers are expensive but the investment is well worth it. They come with printing, scanning, photocopying, doing all these over WiFi, faxing, printing through emails, doing duplex and no edge printing, print from camera, USB and other sources and et cetera. These printers also come in LED, Inkjet, solid ink or Laser form so you have to pick one or the other here as well.


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